Business House

There are two levels of Business House competitions available for members and nonmembers to participate in. During the Summer months we have a Monday night Social level competition that runs from October to December and resumes again in February.

In the Winter we have our Competitive grade Business House which starts in May and goes through to August/September (depending on the number of teams involved).

Teams consist of four players, playing doubles followed by a reverse doubles.
Again depending on the numbers involved there are either two rounds per night or one. The first round commences at 6pm and the second round at 7:30pm.

Business House is fun and at the same time competitive. At the conclusion of the games, refreshments are available from the Bar and players gather around as tales of what might have been are exchanged!

The cost to enter a team is $180.


Entries for the current business house competition have now closed, but if you’re interested in playing in the next competition, please contact Lou or Kay. If you’re keen to play but can’t put a team together let Lou or Kay know as they may be able to put you in touch with someone looking for team mates. The emphasis is on having a good time with friends or workmates

Lou Reid 021 576 716
Kay Wynn 0274 808 042