Tennis Ball Machine Hire

Stuck for someone to hit with?

Want to practice that dodgy backhand over and over again?

We have a “Lobster Elite” Tennis Ball Machine available for our club members to hire. For an annual fee of $25, you will be issued with a key to the ball machine locker and you will be able to use it whenever you like, as long as someone else doesn’t have it out!

Inside the locker, you’ll find the ball machine, balls and ball basket which should always stay together, and an instruction manual. Peter Disney will give you a quick rundown on how to use it, but it’s pretty straightforward.

There is also a (small) list of rules, the highlights of which are:
• use the machine with care
• recharge it after every use
• don’t use it if the balls get wet
• don’t copy or lend your key. If you do copy or lend your key, it won’t be your key any more ;).

If you are interested in making use of it, please speak to Peter Disney.

Ball Machine Manual