Testimonials for Luis Luna

Luis is able to draw on his own vast knowledge to develop players both in technique and attitude, his great attribute however is that he is open to and inquisitive about new ideas and is always seeking fresh input from experts locally & internationally to seek improvement in our players. A great coach with an incredible skill set and the ability to make complex movement fluid and fun.
Jack Quilty
Luis pushes and challenges me to keep striving to be the best I can be, Luis teaches that a great technique is the basis of a great game
Corban Crowther
Luis’s coaching has transformed my game. His analytical and strategic approach with attention to detail brings results. I always look forward to the lessons as they are fun, relaxing and challenging.
Dr Phil Garden
I have played a lot of competitive tennis over the years. Luis stands out as a quality tennis coach with a very refreshing approach. He is passionate about what he does and it comes through in the way that he works with you in that he is always positive. He thinks a lot about what he is doing and he personalises what he teaches you, always trying to keep it simple, relevant and practical. My tennis has improved significantly and I willingly travel from Hamilton to see him.
Greg Tims
I have found Luis to be a very accommodating and extremely patient in helping an older player who is endeavouring to improve his skills. He has the ability to moderate his techniques to the player he is currently coaching. His sense of humour and warm manner make for a relaxed coaching atmosphere. I would strongly recommend him as a coach to any age group and ability.
Peter Disney
Over the past six months Luis has completely changed the way I play tennis. He has given me a huge amount of confidence to play to the best of my ability and the knowledge that he has given me has provided me with the best possible preparation for the next chapter in my career. I am off on a four year stint playing in American College Tennis with a scholarship to Bluestate College, West Virginia. Through playing and coaching in top level professional tournaments, Luis has acquired a huge amount of knowledge that he is able to pass onto whoever is lucky enough to have the opportunity.
Jacob Carey
After 5 years at St Peters tennis academy my game had improved but I lost a bit of interest and motivation. I came back to Tauranga to train with Luis. He has not only changed my tennis game but he has also changed my life forever. Honest, determined, motivating and truthful are some words to describe this incredible man. I often think of him as a brain surgeon with his knowledge and reasoning behind everything. He has trust in you and will find ways to bring out the best in each individual. In my 10 years at Tauranga Lawn, I have never seen so much spark in the club and there is only one man to thank for that.
Jamie Yates
It is never too late to learn something new or to change bad habits when you have a coach like Luis Luna.
Gay Wright